Site Building

Whether you want a website built from the ground up or you want your current website improved, there are several elements that combine to make a professional website.



These terms are short for User Interface and User Experience. What's the difference?

When you pay good money to get a website built, you want it to not only look good (User Interface), but to feel good as well, (User Experience). At SXR Media, we effectively do both. We make sites that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the hands. Menus are clean and easy to navigate, and pages feel modern and responsive.


Landing Page

The page that you want potential customers to "land on" or see when they first visit your website. For most, this is the 'home page' that introduces the user to your business.



Sometimes confused with copyrighting, copywriting refers to the media copy on your website's pages. Not only should the copy of your site be grammatically correct, it should also appeal to the user and flow easily if read or spoken.



Search Engine Optimization is the icing on the cake for a website. Properly and organically placed keywords, being associated with trustworthy sites (link building), and mobile optimization are just a few parts of making your site more visible and authoritative to search engines. Do be aware though, that no amount of SEO is a substitute for any of the things above, and good SEO only comes with the things above.

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